Work Experience

Graduate Assistant - Rochester Institute of Technology, NY, USA

MAY 2016-May 2017

Managing system administrator and lab manager roles to maintain network infrastructure of 300+ machines with different operating systems for 1000+ student, staff accounts and manage team of 18 lab assistants for all CS Department labs.

Software Engineer - IGATE (now acquired by Capgemini), Bangalore, India

JULY 2012-JUNE 2015

Software development & designing automation frameworks.
Utilized skills: JAVA, VB, VBScript, JavaScript, SQL, Unit testing, ETL, DB maintenance.
Development of data masking tools to encrypt/hide sensitive production data for the client.
Development of innovative utilities to automate business flows. Regular client interaction.

Key Projects with a team strength of 10-40:

ATM-Retail Payment System, Private Banking System, FATCA Validator for client Royal Bank of Canada.

Self initiated internal projects:

SAP Knowledge Repository, Universal masking tool.

Co-founder, Developer - I'm Curious Studios - a part-time venture

JAN 2013-Ongoing   Google Play Link:

Own part time venture for developing & publishing exciting mobile games & applications.
One app MendhiCoat- Multiplayer cards game with over 60000 downloads and 3.9/5 rating on Google Play.

Other Applications:

Android - Intelligent Mobile Traveler & Ctrl-f Books

iOS - Connect4, QuotePicker

Checkout more details under projects tab, Github and DevPost.

Android, JAVA Intern - Null Pointer Institute of Technology

JULY 2011-JAN 2012

Development of native & web based android applications like 'Online Meeting room booking system', 'Mobile Chat application' with a team of 2-3.
Worked on emerging technologies like OpenGL, PhoneGap.


Masters in Computer Science - Rochester Institute of Technology, NY, USA

August 2015-Ongoing


Big Data Analytics, Intelligent Systems, Machine learning-AI, Graph Databases, Algorithms, Distributed Systems, Cryptography, Computational Problem Solving, Advanced OOPS.

Current Projects: (Checkout Projects tab)

1. Big Data -
Analyzing trends from crowd-sourced reviews about businesses (Yelp), social data mining using R-Rattle, Color Reducer using Clustering, Text mining using Bag of Words & n-gram, analyzing large files using MapReduce.

2. Machine Learning & AI -
Analyzing trends from crowd-sourced reviews about businesses (Yelp), social data mining using R-Rattle, Color Reducer using Clustering, Text mining using Bag of Words & n-gram, analyzing large files using MapReduce.

3. NoSQL & Graph Databases -
Implemented subgraph matching algorithms like GraphQL, QuickSI with Java on top of Neo4j. Neo4j Doc Manager with Mongo Connectors. Implemented a java process to convert MySQL DB to MongoDB.

4. Distributed Systems -
iotX open source project for Internet of Things – Middleware to facilitate end-user specified integration of services for distributed OS for IoT devices with light-weight data processing using Calvin framework.
Designing and simulating distribution intelligence in Smart grids by implementing Demand Response Management.

Recent Hacks at Hackathons:

1. Cryptoville -
Universal platform to buy/sell goods without any human interference, using block-chain technology.
Won Best FinTech Awards at BigRed//Hacks 2017 at Cornell University from companies like ITG & Capital One.

2. Ctrl+F Android App -
Where you can search specific words in physical book in front of you.

3. Connect4 iOS App -
RIT Apple iOS App Challenge 2016

4. QuotePicker iOS App -
This app picks best caption or quote for your picture by detecting objects in the image.

5. Virtual & augmented reality hack -
Demoed at BigRedHacks 2016 - Cornell University

Checkout more details under projects tab, Github and DevPost

Bachelors in Computer Engineering - VIT, University of Mumbai, India

JULY 2007-AUGUST 2011


Data Structures, Analysis of Algorithms & Design, Computer Organization & Architecture, Operating Systems, Database Management Systems, Computer Networks, Systems Programming & Compiler Construction, Discrete Structures & Graph Theory, Applied Mathematics, Object Oriented Software Engineering, Web Engineering

Final Year Undergrad Project:

Mumbai on Mobile: It's a mobile application with alternative to Google's real-time traffic updates, as it wasn't available for Mumbai region till 2011.
Technical Paper:


Won ‘Best FinTech Awards’ for Cryptoville project at BigRed//Hacks 2017 Cornell University from ITG & Capital One.

Received Graduate Assistantship at RIT with highest scholarship of 75%.

Pat on the back award & Innovation Certificates - IGATE

For demonstrating excellent implementation of innovative ideas to challenge existing business flows.

Research & Recognition Team of the Quarter Award - IGATE

For gaining business confidence with quality deliverables, usage of automation that has provided substantial savings to the customer, 5/5 CSS feedback.

Shining Star of the Month - IGATE

Shining Star of the Month for two consecutive months in BFS Domain for implementing small steps with significant cost savings.

Citizenship Award - IGATE

For excellent community service while being an active core committee member of IGATE CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) body

CISE (Certified Information Security Expert)

Certification from Innobuzz Knowledge Solutions. (Certification No : 0152166-IN)

Secured 2nd place in the Computer Society of India's Level-3 Robotics event at Techmate-2009.

Selected for Senior Level National Astronomy Olympiad in 2006.